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Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report: Web Design News & Insights Since 1995
Web design news and insights since 1995

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report: Web Design News & Insights Since 1995
  • A byte saved is a follower earned: Web Performance Then And Now
    As one group of modern web makers embraces mobile-first design and performance budgets, while another (the majority) worships at the altar of bigger, fatter, and slower, the 5K contest reminds us that a byte saved is a follower earned.

  • A List Apart № 420: Add Friction to Interactions, Customize With Care
    IN ISSUE № 420 of A List Apart: Meta-Moments: Thoughtfulness by Design by ANDREW GRIMES Does the internet ever stop you in your tracks? Does it sometimes make you pause and think about what you’re doing? Andrew Grimes calls such moments meta-moments. He walks us through why meta-moments are occasionally necessary and how we might […]

  • A List Apart № 419: Narratives & Conversations
    IN ISSUE № 419 of A List Apart: Do Androids Dream in Free Verse by JOSCELIN COOPER From ATMs to Siri to the button text in an application user interface, we “talk” to our tech—and our tech talks back. Often this exchange is purely transactional, but newer technologies have renegotiated this relationship. Joscelin Cooper reflects […]

  • “Creative” is not a dirty word
    THERE’S ameme promulgated by my dear friend Monteirothatthey call you creative to take your power away.Rubbish. Don’t get me wrong. I agree with most of what Mike Monteiro has to say about design, which is why I published histwobrilliantbooks. Except for this one point, on which we will forever disagree. “Creative” is not a dirty […]

  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Medium?
    IN 2003, long before he was a creative director at Twitter, Douglas Bowman wrote articles about design, posted case studies about his design projects, and shared his photography on his personal/business site, stopdesign.com. A year previously, Doug had attained instant fame in standardista circles by recoding Wired.com using CSS for layout. That sounds nonsensical nowadays, […]

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