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Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report: Web Design News & Insights Since 1995
Web design news and insights since 1995

  • Poverty is a System Design Failure
    “POVERTY is a system-design failure.” So says my friend Pär (“Peyo”) Almqvist in a World Economic Forum article he wrote last year when his company, OMC Power—which brings sustainable, renewable, off-the-grid energy to the poorest people in rural India—was selected as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Peyo’s article explains better than I could how […]

  • Big Web Show № 123: Why Clients Spend More on Toilets Than Design
    DESIGNER Andy Budd and I discuss why clients spend more on toilet cleaning than design; honest pitching; the ins and outs of agile pricing; modular code libraries; selling web services instead of deliverables; the maturation of our industry since the mid-1990s; the value of reputation; design as a collaborative process; how and why agencies get […]

  • Webfonts with Stylistic Sets from Hoefler & Co.
    Now there’s a way to transform your web typography at the touch of a button: introducing Stylistic Sets for webfonts at Cloud.typography. www.typography.com/blog/webfonts-with-stylistic-sets/

  • Big, Beautiful Dropcaps with CSS initial-letter
    Just beautiful. demosthenes.info/blog/961/Big-Beautiful-DropCaps-with-CSS-initial-letter

  • What’s Wrong With This Picture? Flickr is about to sell off your Creative Commons photos
    SHORTSIGHTED and sucky. From Dazed comes news that Flickr is about to sell off our Creative Commons photos. This means photos we’ve taken with the idea of giving them away freely will now be sold, whether we like it or not. And who gets the dough for these photos we took? Only Yahoo. As a […]

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